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   Hello and Thank you for stopping by Keys Photo Studio and Design. My name is Lakeshia Irizarry, also known as Kee Kee.  Yes, you are more than welcome to call me Kee Kee.

    I have a passion for capturing captivating moments in time that will never again be seen, other than through an image. When attending events, parties, celebrations, ceremonies, etc. I look around at people’s faces and think that would be a great moment to capture to seize the opportunity to snap a shot. Do not get me wrong posed photos are also fun too nevertheless those moments of Joy, Tears rolling down someone’s face, or even laughter make looking back on that day more pleasurable.

  I am an on-location and studio photographer. I take great pride in unlocking the key to your photography desires.  Whether it be a portrait, lifestyle, an event or setting up a photo booth it is all about your vision and goal.  I look forward to meeting you and discussing your photography needs.

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